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Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Drawing South Homes - Red Building Construction - Lifestiles Design Studio

This trusted team of 3 recognized professionals in the Building Sector has joined their skills to offering you reliable architectural and interior consulting and design and construction, suppling finishing materials and ensuring the process from preliminary design to handover of the keys is a streamlined and seamless one.

We are aware about the construction process may be a strenuous task for the clients. For this reason, we as a team want to accompany you throughout this adventure. Ensuring you rational and affordable design is an approach to building homes and living spaces which:

meet the needs of home occupants regardless of age or ability;

are capable of adapting to meet the changing needs of home occupants;

can be economically adapted to respond to the current and future needs of homes occupants. This not to say that the home you live in today should be the home you occupy for life, or to imply that people only move because of a change in life circumstance. People move for all sorts of reasons however in many cases it’s because the home can no longer sustain the home occupants whether they are first home buyers, retirees, growing families or investment.

Instead of building dream homes which become tomorrow’s prison’s we believe in ‘building in’ possibility so that the home you love today is still the dream home you want to live in tomorrow.

With more than 30 years of experience in designing and constructing fine homes and a long list of new projects and renovations throughout Victoria. Offering services

· Conceptual design

· New Homes Design & Construction

· Contract documentation & administration

· Planning Applications

· Subdivisions & Unit Developments

· Renovation & Extension

· Finishing Materials

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